About Us


“We at Nurses’ Development Center Inc. or NDCI, would like to invite you to learn, and help you open the doors to the healthcare field. We offer classes that will get you started with your career within a short period of time. With quality teaching, professional hands-on training, our goal is to get you ready for your first day of work or better yet, your first step towards your ultimate goal.”

The mission of this institution is to provide a high quality educational experience to each enrolled student. The goal of our training program and future training programs is to have each of our students acquire valuable knowledge and skills that will assist them in obtaining employment or advancing in one’s employment. Our emphasis will be in training in health related fields.

This institution has received an approval to operate from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.  Nurses’ Development Center, Inc. is in accordance with the provisions of the California Code of Education 94866 and 94890.  The School Code is 73078653