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The Certified Nursing Assistant course trains students in the basic principles of nursing, including the role of the certified nurse assistant on a health care team. Students learn basic anatomy and medical terminology, ethics and communication, and basic procedural skills. Students learn to observe and provide personal care to patients and provide assistance to other health care personnel in hospitals and in extended care and long-term care facilities.

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What Is A Certified Nursing Assistant?

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA? All over the world, there are health
care personnel who provide care for the needs of disabled, chronically sick or
elderly people who are no longer able to do so by themselves. These people
are known as Nurse Aides or Nursing Assistants. They work under the direct
supervision of at least one Registered Nurse.

Assistive personnel, like CNAs, are involved in daily tasks such as, but not limited to,
the following:

Monitoring, noting and reporting about a patient’s condition, treatment and statistics.

Assisting patients with exercises and rehabilitations

Recording vital information such as blood pressure, breathing, weight and temperature

Helping patients move around

Collecting specimen or samples for testing

Giving support to patients and their families

Helping patients take care of their daily personal hygiene.

Planning and preparing the patient’s meals

Administering the patient’s medications properly and on schedule

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, one must go through an intensive and rigorous training period for as little as 20 days. They will have been trained by private institutions or by government-run hospitals and colleges. A CNA who has a government certification will have had a more in-depth education and better qualification than others. They can cover a wider area of responsibility when it comes to patient care. An example of this would be a Certified Nursing Assistant
who has studied under the Nurses’ Development Center.

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