“Professional teacher, highly recommended.” Kirk Javier, CNA

“Keep up the good work!” Nuriam A. Alamhali, CNA

“Instructor was fantastic! Clinical Site did show us what not to do.” Lizette Benavides, CNA

“Taking this class was quite an experience. The classroom size was great as was the instructor and my classmates. Josephine’s knowledge and experience is invaluable to teaching this course. She made this class fun and enjoyable, while preparing us for the work force. The clinical site was not a very good choice, and I am a little disappointed with the site because I feel as we left the site unprepared for the State exam. We were not exposed to a good amount of the skills that we will be tested on. For example, bed prep, vital signs, hand washing are a few to list. However, the instructor (Josephine) helped us to prep for the exam by filling in the gaps from the Clinical site.” Helen Van Dam, CNA

“Great instructor, really worked with us and wanted the best for us.” Victor Ngo, CNA

I love Josue (instructor), highly recommend his class!” Jennifer Kongthong, CNA

“Really cool!” Andrew Maldonado, CNA

“Thank you for everything!” Lorena Beltran, CNA

“This is a really helpful program and everyone really supports you and follow up with you to make sure you are okay.” Charne Edwards, CNA

“Josue (instructor) is a good teacher and all the office staff are very supportive, I will definitely recommend this program to friends and family! Thank you!”  Roxana Chavez, CNA

“Thanks for everything, the love and support got me so far. I will keep striving to continue to do what needs to be done. Thank you.” Sonja Kim, CNA

“Very good instructor (Josue Gomez), always there to answer any questions and guide us.” Diana Gallo, CNA

“He is an awesome teacher (Josue Gomez) and he taught me very well. I feel confident in passing the final test.” Keoona Brooks, CNA

“The instructor (Josue Gomez) needs to be strict with students.” Alexandra Marin, CNA

“Josue is an amazing instructor. Very thorough and explains the information of the course with enthusiasm and excitement.” Jasmine Brown, CNA

“Had a great experience and the instructor was knowledgeable and positive.” Kate James, CNA

“Awesome instructors who were always willing to help!”  Christine Loverde, CNA

“The clinical site staff was on occasion difficult to work with or learn from, but our instructor, Guy, made sure we were all always learning. Sometimes he would even step up and assist us with patients whenever we needed extra help while the clinical staff was busy or neglecting.” Nazanin Emtiaz, CNA

“Guy was an amazing instructor! He taught us a lot of valuable skills during clinical and further explained what we should do versus what we should not. He makes sure you are comfortable and know what you are doing.” Caitlin Canaria, CNA

“Clinical site was not ideal, but the instructors for this course were phenomenal. Guy is amazing, he always goes above and beyond for his students and I look forward to the RNA course with him.” Anon, CNA

“Both Josh and Guy were very professional and did excellent jobs in explaining the course content.”  Christopher Brims, CNA

“Try to improve clinical site to give best experiences for students.” Eirene Sebastian, CNA

“Everyone including the teachers and the nursing home were very helpful. I enjoyed every second of this program.”  Josie Dominguez, CNA

“When I needed help, the instructor (Josue) was there with me working with the patients.”  Carla Alvizures, CNA

“Great experience.”  Erin Close, CNA

“Mary Grace is the best teacher and love the way she makes sure we understand every single thing about the book and clinicals.”  Lesle Martinez, CNA

“Ms. Mary Grace gave me the opportunity to be independent. She is very good at her job. Also, her way of teaching is very professional, so I more than likely recommend her.” Rheyanna Soun, CNA

“Enjoyed the way we were taught and very informative and hands on. Keep it up! Thank you!” Nestor Dagdag, CNA

“Great course and glad to come back to further my education.”  Bridgette Guerra, CNA

“Did a great job explaining the curriculum, had an amazing experience with this class. Would 100% recommend!”  Lesly Tellez Funez, CNA

“I would recommend this CNA program. Good attitude and good information for starters.” Maria A. Sanchez, CNA

“I had a great experience in my CNA program! Guy was amazing! He thoroughly supported us through our theory portion and especially in clinicals. I am extremely happy!” Caylin Lampasona, CNA

“Good experience! Excellent environment to learning!” Patricia Hernandez de Turcios, CNA

“Loved the schedule of School and the fair prices!” Joanne Ward, CNA

“Great school!” Miguel De santiago, CNA

“Great class even for second language English speakers.” Angeline Anh, CNA

“Theory remain a very positive and professional learning environment, instructor was very helpful and learning experience was fun.” Manh Nguyen, CNA

“Instructor was very open with questions, provided positive and negative feedback to improve our knowledge of the class.” Jan, CNA

“Grace is so caring and so very sweet!! She cares about her students so much and does such a amazing job of getting to know each student and meeting individual needs. Love her!” MaryElle Hoover, CNA

“Questions are all answered, I have learned a lot and my instructor did everything she can for us to learn.” Richellene Fernandez, CNA

“This CNA course was just helpful and straight forward as I imagined. Theory and clinical were very helpful in learning the skills. Ms. Grace really made sure we knew what would and would not be tested on. Will definitely recoomend this program to others! Thank you!” Clair Babinski, CNA

“Great experience overall, helped out with questions we had and she made sure we learned the proper way as well as she corrected us when we made mistakes.” Mayra Padilla, CNA

“Very informative, professional and the class was easy to understand and follow. grateful for all of Ms. Grace’s assistance and dedication to teaching.” Susan Correa, CNA

“The instructor is very friendly and explains everything clearly and well.” Alejandro Haro, CNA

“Love Ms. Grace, very helpful, thank you!” Maria Moreno, CNA

“Excellent teacher (Mary Grace) and the school staff are very friendly”. Jenny Lopez, CNA

“Mary Grace was such an amzing theory and clinical instructor!. She made the material very easy to follow and truly cared about our success in the course by always answering questions and being there when we need her. Thank you Grace,you are awesome!” Diane Cao, CNA

“Excellent instructor (Mary Grace)!” Antonio Amoguis, CNA

“10 out of 10 will recommend Mary Grace as an instructor”. Christi Abbard, CNA

“100% well recommended!!! Excellent!!! Randolf Amoguis, CNA

“Mary grace, the instructor, was very helpful.” Phillip M. LLado, CNA

“Teach from Step 1 to the end with respect, full of patience. She never get mad. She is so amazing. May God give her more blessings (Mary grace).” Fernando Sarmiento, CNA

“Amazing professor! Had a great experience during the class, and feel ready and confident to pass the State exam.” Pamela Rodriguez, CNA

“The instructor (Guy Cote) was an amazing professor, he explains everything very clear and he is passionate about his work.” Daniela Sanchez Lopez, CNA

“The objectives were explained clearly, sometimes, the instructor uses sounds or nicknames to describe procedures or body parts. I went to the Saturday morning class with another instructor (Mary Grace) and I wish the other instructor was a little more organized like her. Although, I like how he kind of let us do our own thing, I would just like a little bit of balance.” Hannah Lopez, CNA

“The instructor is an amazing instructor. He helped me be successful. I was blessed to have him as an instructor. I am glad your school has him as an Instructor.” Tiffany Marie Skinner, CNA

“The objectives were explained clearly and the instructor made the class very enjoyable.” Michelle Ann Marie Hall, CNA

“The instructor was very good.” Mayra Elena Cuevas, CNA

“The clinical site was condicuve to learning. While the instructor allowed us to have more freedom, it would have been better to have stricter policies to ensure everyone was properly participating and sharing in the workload.” Susan Correa, CNA

“The instructor is very smart and very respectful at his job. He made our clinical days very special and he talks in a very nice accent. Thank you! Karla Vera, CNA

“Really good 19 day program for people who want to get their CNA requirements done as fast as possible.” Tyriek Layie, CNA

“Everything is ok 100%.” Saroj Kumar Pyakuryal, CNA

“I experienced many unique situations at the clinical facility. The staff members were very willing to show me all tasks. This course provides clear instruction and a well rounded clinical experience. I feel very prepared to work in the medical field as a CNA.” Ami, CNA

“Excellent class instruction! Thank you.” Joselita Selga, CNA

“Everything was good, clear, understandable, well organized.” Hyemin Koo, CNA

“Our instructor is very good. Learned a lot from this class and feel prepared to take the State Exam.” Giancarlo Mejia, CNA

“My comment is I am very satisfied the way my teacher teaches me about the theory and procedures in our CNA lessons. I was taught to be a good CNA and to pass my State Exam.” Marciano Lucky Golingan, CNA

“Happy and satisfied with learning experience.” Mangel, CNA

“Satisfied and happy with everything.” Cecilia Ignacio, CNA

“Learning in Nurses’ Development Center has given me all the knowledge I need to become a good and better CNA.” Ifunanya Odibe, CNA

“Everything was great!” Marina Mendoza, CNA

“Grace is exceptional, hardworking and extremely caring for all her students. She goes above and beyond and wants us all to succeed. She also assists one-on-one with the skills and ensures that we have everything we need to be prepared for the examination. I do wish we had more clinical hours. I like the hands-on experience with the real patients. But as a class, we practiced on each other a lot!” Tolu Olagbaju, CNA

“Ms. Grace is a good instructor. She is always giving all her best to us so we can learn right away. She is also good at giving advices.” Jason Las Pinas, CNA

“The CNA course is exactly the one I expected. Ms. Grace is very professional and helpful. Thank you!” Christina Wang, CNA

“She is a great teacher to us” Mi Mee Kim, CNA

“Grace was a wonderful teacher! I wish we had more time to review skills.” Jenny Prince, CNA

“I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me to be part of the school’s program. I will recommend you with my friends, and relatives. Thank you.” Ninette Rodas, CNA

“Grace was congenial and patient” She makes an excellent instructor! I enjoyed the clinical experience immensely. So many days, so much learned! Christy Peace, CNA

“Mary Grace was a great instructor and I enjoyed my learning experience with her.” Samantha Campbell, CNA

“Teacher Ms. Sulio was so great” Herminigildo Talam, CNA

“Good class formation, good teacher, good orientation.” Abdellatif Labrim, CNA

“It was a great and honorable pleasure to meet different people and be taught by an excellent, generous and really patient teacher. The students were very nice and the teacher was so approachable. The staff at the school were friendly. A really good place to jump start a career.” Ida Manguerra, CNA

“I am satisfied in providing the procedures and the skills. Continue the good work and I will recommend your place to my friends.” Mary Lou Braga, CNA

“I learned a lot and I am ready for the state test. Thank you very much. You’re the best.” Maribeth Soriano, CNA

“Thank you for guiding me through the process. I had a great experience, I will be taking your RNA class next. Thanks again.” Jeff Thomas, CNA

“I really enjoyed this class. I will miss coming here everyday.” Christina Hernandez, CNA

“Thanks for the excellent job and support. I learned a lot.” Mariebeth Mabiog, CNA

“Great staff and instructor. School is clean.” Brenda S. Perez, CNA

“The facility was great and so was the staff.” Joseph Varughese, CNA

“The lecture and lab were excellent.” Alexis Larion, CNA

“Francis is one of the best instructor/professor that I have. He is Nurses’ Development Center’s pride. He is very effective and brilliant. I am very grateful that I enrolled in this institution. Ivy Joy Raganjan Castro, CNA

“Learned a lot. Good school.” Shirley Lee, CNA

“Overall experience, very satisfied! Thank you!” Socorro Pastrano, CNA

“You rock! (: Ebony Baker, CNA

“Thank you Francis for all your help and for always giving 100% of positive attitude”. Corina Davila, CNA

“Thank you for all your help. I personally learned lots of new things and I am happy with the course.” Vanessa Suarez, CNA

“Anne was an amazing teacher. She is very hands on and helped us in every way possible. She made this experience enjoyable and fun.” Brooke McMaster, CNA

“Highly recommended”. John Davis Santamaria, CNA

“The instructor is excellent and made the class a lot more fun and smooth flowing. Her attitude and energy really made the class a lot more doable.” Jazper Matthew Maghari, CNA

“I like that the school is in a smaller setting which gives you more closer attention with the instructor. (less crowded). The staff is professional and friendly, motivating, inspiring, and positive.” Regina Allen, CNA

“My experience at NDCI was great. Marianne as an instructor was very helpful and informative.” Rebecca Jones, CNA

“I want to thank Rosel for the recommendations she made. I’m now at Pacific Palm Healthcare savoring the experience of being a CNA. More power! God bless!” Rita, CNA

“NDCI gave me a chance to experience a glimpse in the medical field. The class was great and my instructor, Marianne, was helpful and nice. I really enjoyed taking this course.” Paul Co, CNA

“In my CNA class, I had experienced the feeling of being a nurse already. I learned that I have to become compassionate, empathetic, and dependable, for those under my care. I am thankful for having Marianne as an instructor. She has been a real model for me on how to appreciate and love this profession. I thank her for sharing her knowledge.” Maria Osorio, CNA

“Okay, Awesome students, teachers, and wonderful staff!” Renilo Inocencio, CNA

“One thing that I can say about the teacher (Marianne) and staff is that they are wonderful. Because of them, I feel at home. Thank you for the things you’ve taught us. It’s been a pleasure to have you as part of my nursing life/education.” Josephine Ambray, CNA

“Very nice experience. I was able to improve on my English just by being here. This school is my second home.” Sagar Rimal, CNA

“The class is great! We help each other like a team. Our instructor taught us the skills we need to know and I learned a lot.” Sonny Gotos, CNA

“I enjoyed my class. The students were very friendly. The teacher (Francis) and staff were awesome.” Luke Grecia, CNA

“The school provides good service. I like how the instructor teaches in detail.” David Tsang, CNA

“I love my school. I learned a lot and liked my instructor (Marianne) too. She’s very understanding and is a good teacher. She explained everything very clearly. The staff is very nice and helpful. They always encouraged us to study and do the best we could. They supported us. Thank you very much for letting me participate in this school. I love it!” Angel Esquiebel, CNA

“The teacher was informative. I became close to a handful of people. The education provided was a great way to start my CNA career and I currently have a job.” Michael Pasion, CNA

“This is the school where you can learn a lot.” Melito Lustre, CNA

“The school is awesome and the best I’ve ever seen. It is always clean and organized. The teacher (Marianne) cares for her students and is very understanding. I learned a lot and found new friends.” Angel Guilalas, CNA

“Marianne, I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for everything.” Nestor Avila, CNA

“The school really has a great basis for their educational curriculum. The classes are fun, with good learning environment. Most of all, the staff are very kind, helpful, supportive, and act professional in everything they do. It was a great, productive, learning experience for me. I just want to say thanks to all the staff!” Marvin Peralta, CNA

“My experience in this school was pleasant and full of knowledge. My instructor (Marianne) was great. I truly enjoyed the class and look forward to the next program.” Teresa Vu, CNA

“The school, instructor (Marianne), and staff are very good. Their efforts are great, I am satisfied. They really do the best for the students.” Laureana Sottomayor, CNA

“I am happy and I learned a lot. The instructor (Marianne) is very helpful. I am 110% satisfied.” Virgilio Sumague, CNA

“I love it.” Emrol Salcido, CNA

“Very helpful staff. I am really happy with the classes. Amazing!” Maria Salgado, CNA

“Thanks for everything. Thanks to the school, it’s a great school.” John Corsino, CNA

“Being in the education and business field for many years, the healthcare field is a new exposure for me. The school is conveniently located, well-organized, and clean. The textbook and curriculum are excellent and appropriate for the course. The instructor (Marianne) has compassion for her students. It was a pleasure to be in this class. I will highly recommend this school.” Edna Kotani, CNA

“Study hard and you can pass. This school provides all study materials for the exam. Just believe and you can make it.” Anon, CNA

“The school is great!” Criseta Horowitz, CNA

“It is a good school. I liked the class and the staff are nice and friendly. The instructor (Marianne) is kind and flexible.” America Hermosa, CNA

“The class is great. I learned a lot from the teacher (Marianne). It is a good school.” Mylene Guevarra, CNA

“The school administration does great for the students. The teacher is the best!” Lea Ruru, CNA

“This school helped provide me with everything I needed to pass the State Board Exam. I am very happy I had a chance to have Marianne as my instructor, and this school to excel and better improve my life.” Lester Legaspi, CNA

“The teacher and staff were very nice. Thank you for helping!” Ana Flores, CNA

“I was very impressed about the results. Everyone was very supportive. I want to thank everybody, especially the instructor (Francis). Mabuhay!” Rolando Rayo, CNA

“I really appreciate studying here. The instructor and staff do their jobs well and are well-qualified. Thanks to all of you!” Fred Maravillas, CNA

“I took CNA from NDCI. I like the instructor and all the staff. They are all cooperative and helpful.” Gopi Regmi, CNA

“One of the many great things about the CNA progam here at NDCI is that they provide you with all the knowledge and support to pass the State Certification. The instructor (Francis) is awesome. He provided us with theoretical and practical knowledge on how to be a great nursing assistant. From the sample written tests to simulated skill tests, he taught us how to understand the questions in order for us to select the best answers. I highly recommend the school, the instructor, the staff, and its programs.” Pedro Cariaga, CNA

“I enjoyed and learned from my class. I had a wonderful instructor (Marianne). She explained everything so well and had a great sense of humor. If we did something wrong, she would correct us in a respectful way. I loved the staff too, they are very friendly. I enjoyed being a part of NDCI. Now, I have a job. I will be taking care of an elderly woman in her home. Thank you very much!” Migdalia Saldivar, CNA

“The CNA class was really wonderful. We had a very nice, patient, and knowledgeable instructor (Francis). I learned a lot from him. The CNA class was so enchanting and absorbing that I didn’t miss a single day of it. I appreciate my instructor’s support and efforts, the school and all the employees. Thank you!” Alice Shokri, CNA

“I never had any regrets choosing this school for my CNA. I learned a lot from our instructor. We had good experiences in the long-term and sub-acute facility. It was a great place to do our clinical. I highly recommend this school for those looking for a change in their lives.” Rustum Almacen, CNA

““This is the 2nd time I have a class with this school. You are all doing a fantastic job. Keep it up! Many blessings! Jeffrey C. Thomas, CNA

“Overall satisfied with the course. Will recommend it highly.” Evelyn Ricasa, DSD

“It was a good learning experience.” Marilyn A. Bince, DSD

“Will refer some friends for this well informative course.” Beatrice Egtonime, DSD

“Ms. Burio is absolutely wonderful, caring and knowledgeable of the course. I will surely miss her.” Jan Patrick Guinto, DSD

“This DSD course is the third class that I’ve taken at NDCI and I do and will continue to recommend your facility to co-workers and students. I’ve learned a lot, felt very comfortable, and your staff is always professional/helpful, from the front office to the actual classroom itself. I would consider working here one day :).” Lailonnie Ahquin, DSD

“Nice class, learned a lot from this class. Ms. Rosemarie is a very nice instructor. I will recommend this class to my co-workers.” Flora May Capulong, DSD

“The past 3 days were filled with important information that I will take with me. As for my instructor, she was pleasant, knowledgeable and made her class aspire.” Rosemarie Llorin, DSD

“I enjoyed this class so much. My instructor, Rosemarie, was very effective. I like her teaching method. There was no day that I felt sleepy and no stress or pressure was given. Involving us with the class discussions was a good strategy. Thank you, Rosemarie, I have learned a lot from you.” Melliza Lorenzo, DSD

“It’s a great learning experience. I enjoyed the company of my fellow nurses and at the same time earning my certification. Ms. Rosemarie’s wide professional and personal experiences made the learning process enjoyable. Nice school and classroom environment too.” Lalaine Tokusato, DSD

“I found the DSD class to be very informative. Ms. Burio kept the class motivating. I enjoyed it very much.” Margie Jacques, DSD

“The DSD class was inspiring and educational. I highly recommend it.” Justin Hernandez, DSD

“Coming on the first day of class, I learned so many things. I started from zero doing this job as a DSD. I became confident that I can handle to job well. I thank Rosemarie for being a great instructor and for inspiring me. All the best.” Rosario Soriano, DSD

“I have learned a lot from this program because the lessons were appropriate and applicable to my life and profession. Prejudices that I had from the start were eliminated. The mentor (Rosemarie) was knowledgeable and very inspiring to change my deeply-ingrained cynicism. My only hope is that from this day onwards, I will be a better person.” Anon, DSD

“This journey has been great and will resonate with me for a lifetime. I know I will be great because of my DSD instructor, Rosemarie. They say time flies when you’re having fun. It did not seem like an 8 hour class at the end of the day. It just goes to show that we should never judge a book by its cover. I thought 8 hours was boring at first, I did not even want to come. I am so glad I did. Not only was the instructor excellent, I met some wonderful people along the way. Thank you, it was worth the fee.” Juliette Augustus, DSD

“Ms. Rosemarie is one of the best instructors I have ever had. She is very informative, patient, courteous, and inspiring. In a nut shell, she is awesome. I truly believe that I will be successful with the knowledge I have learned from Rosemarie and my classmates. Thank you for such a wonderful instructor.” Mittie Hull, DSD

“What a great experience. Thank you to all the staff and the instructor for the encouragement and knowledge that have impacted my life and career. Thank you, Rosemarie Burio. Kudos to NDCI.” Kendra Washington, DSD

“NDCI has a marvelous course for the DSD. The instructor is so professional and creative.” Andres Barrera, DSD

“The course was very exciting. I didn’t know what to expect. The teacher (Eva) was excellent and taught me how to give more importance to other’s feelings.” Ramona, DSD

“I liked taking this class. I found new friends and had one of the best instructors. Now, I know I have more job opportunities.” Maricela Reyes, DSD

“Great class!” Griselda Meza, HHA

“Excellent delivery of the lessons.” Rodulfo Pujol Filio, HHA

“Co-students were great as well a very nice learning experience. Thank you!” Margarita E. G. Mireles, HHA

“Thank you so much for an additional experience for my future use. Thank you so much for our teacher who has been there all the time understanding our needs.” Antonette Dizon, HHA

“Great instructor, very organized and explained everything perfectly.” Brenda Perez, HHA

“It was a great pleasure meeting the instructor. The school in general is great.” Sandy Ayala, HHA

“Rosemarie is a good instructor. I learned a lot from her. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much.” Melody Taylor, HHA

“The school offered good HHA and CNA classes. I am very happy to have enrolled in this school. I met new friends whom I will treasure forever. I learned a lot, more than what was expected and it was worth everything to me. My instructors, Rosemarie and Francis, wree the best. They gave me great advice aside from the lessons they taught. They inspired me to do better and to be the best. I cannot imagine that in a short span of time, I learned so many things that can guide me as I continue to pursue my dreams.” Jose Samaniego, HHA

“I had the best time in Rosemarie’s HHA class. I learned a lot of things that will be helpful along the way. If I had to do it all over again, I still want to be in her class. She is the best instructor I’ve ever had.” Saganda Bradford, HHA

“The HHA class offered by NDCI is really helpful in being a CNA and even in our personal lives. Rosemarie is a great instructor. She helped us understand more about our patients and how to properly take care of them.” Arnold Mallari, HHA

“NDCI is the best center for CNA and HHA classes. Rosemarie is very cooperative and made her teaching easy to understand. I will never forget her.” Narayan Aeri, HHA

“The classes were really good and my instructor Rosemarie Burio was awesome. I loved her teaching skills. I would definitely want to be taught by her a lot of times. The school is wonderful, has good management, and quality equipment.” Dennis Mwinyi, HHA

“I will always remember the day that I have completed my HHA class. It is a wonderful course and is full of opportunities that will lead to my goals of taking a higher nursing degree. I know for myself that I will be a good care giver. This is a step towards my dreams. I thank Rosemarie for teaching me and my fellow classmates.” Olga Tamayo, HHA

“Mrs. Burio is very nice, soft-spoken, and accommodating. She loves sharing us quotes that can be related to our lives. The school is very clean and orderly. The staff is nice too. I don’t regret enrolling here.” Anabelle Pulido, HHA

“I am so lucky and happy to be in the HHA class. I enjoyed and learned a lot of things. Our instructor, Rosemarie, made me feel comfortable. She’s one of my inspirations in life. Thank you and may God bless you.” Jeanette Edra, HHA

“Thank you to Ms. Burio for making the lessons relevant and interesting. I will miss her, the staff, and my lovely classmates.”  Uyen Dang, HHA

“I learned a lot from my CNA class along with the HHA program. NDCI is a very good school, very intense. I am proud of my career change and excited to excel to the next level. My instructors made learning fun.” Takesha Howell, HHA

“I am grateful to have been enrolled in the HHA class. I learned a lot and I’m thankful to the school, most especially to our instructor Rosemarie. She has not only been great, but really patient. Thank you.” Anon, HHA

“It is a good opportunity to study in NDCI. I thank my instructor, Rosemarie, for the things she taught us. It is a step for us to go further in the medical field.” Tam Nguyen, HHA

“Rosemarie is a great instructor. I enjoyed my education here at NDCI. Thank you for offering the HHA. I will recommend it to others.” Anon, HHA

“The HHA class was very interesting. I have learned a lot. Rosemarie gave very clear lectures. I had fun and I will miss her. Thank you.” Nhai Nguyen, HHA

“Thank you NDCI, for having a wonderful instructor (Rosemarie). This school helped me achieve one more of my nursing goals. Keep up the good work.” Natalia Jaime, HHA

“It was a correct decision to take the HHA class. We had a very professional and intelligent instructor, by the name of Rosemarie Burio. We have learned a lot.” Nicholo Merino, HHA

“I had fun in the HHA program. Everybody was nice and helpful. The instructor (Rosemarie) is great. We’ve learned a lot. Congratulations to my fellow students! I am looking forward to applying what we have learned in a real life environment.” Anon, HHA

“I want to say thank you to Rosemarie for teaching us really well. She helped us a lot. Thank you so much. God bless!” John Corsino, HHA

“I have learned a lot from our instructor, Rosemarie. Thank you for being a great teacher and for everything.” Nestor Avila, HHA

“I just want to thank our instructor, Rosemarie, for sharing her knowledge with us. I have learned a lot.” Haide Cabilan, HHA

“I would like to thank my instructor, Rosemarie Burio. I learned a lot from her. She is a very good teacher.” Angel Esquibel, HHA

“As soon as my boss knew that I finished the CNA and HHA classes, he gave me the opportunity to be the manager in the facility I’m working for, and I was given a raise. I highly recommend this school since it is one of the best. I thank all the staff and teachers for their effort. They gave us all the knowledge we need for our career. God bless them!” Anon, HHA

“Awesome instructors. I have learned so much from the CNA and HHA PROGRAMS. They teach and show you everything you need to know as a nursing professional. I highly recommend NDCI.” Pedro Cariaga, HHA

“This class was very helpful. It helped me become a public speaker. I am usually very shy to talk in front of the class. The instructor (Rosemarie) made the class interesting and fun. The thing that I liked the most which I also think is very important is the “Care Package.” We shouldn’t leave work without it. I really enjoyed the class.” Cecilia Alcantara, HHA

“Our instructor (Rosemarie) is compassionate who puts forth her knowledge and personal experience with such joy. She is incredible and well-prepared. I definitely recommend this school for anyone interested in taking the HHA class.” Soomin Kim, HHA

“The HHA class gave me a more in-depth knowledge base of the aspects of Home Care for a patient. Our instructor’s expertise, compassion, and delivery of the subject matter were well-received and effective. Thank you!” Nora Vincente, HHA

“The HHA class was a great experience for me because I could help people that are in need of care” Crystal Sandoval, HHA

“Taking the HHA class was a wonderful experience. I’ve had my CNA for almost two years and I was amazed at all the information I need to learn. The instructor (Rosemarie) was fantastic, patient, and very informative. She managed time and was easy to understand. Most of all, I feel that I’m walking out of this class with great knowledge! Thanks to the instructor for a great job!” Mayra Rodriguez, HHA

“I was so happy with this class. I am now more confident and positive as a CNA. To achieve your goal, do not be afraid to do it. I’ve learned a lot.” Jenny Kwon, HHA

“The HHA class is so informative. Her (Rosemarie’s) method of teaching gave me a picture of what HHA is. It is straight-forward and she explains it realistically. As a whole, the class participation is her way of making us more comfortable.” Annie AbadTumamao, HHA

“I really enjoyed the class. Our teacher (Rosemarie) was very nice and caring. I learned a lot from her. I appreciate her and her efforts. Thank you!” Alice Shokri, HHA

“I highly respect and feel encouraged by our teacher (Rosemarie). Her teaching was perfect because she was practical in her explanations. It was hard to miss her points.” Jane Mwangi, HHA

“I would like to say thank you to my instructor (Rosemarie). I learned a lot from the HHA class. She demonstrated and taught me everything that will prepare me for the HHA position. Thank you.” Sophie Lay, HHA

“NDCI is a good school you can go to. All the faculty and staff are very friendly. I thank my teacher (Rosemarie) because I learned a lot from her. Also, I thank my schoolmates for sharing their thoughts.” Jacque Catabay, HHA

“A learning institution’s greatest asset is its teachers; their effectiveness and compassion towards the success of their students. My CNA instructor (Francis) was this and much more. The HHA instructor’s (Rosemarie’s) extensive background and knowledge provided invaluable insight into the expansion of growth of home care. The staff is not without commendation. Their support and kindness just completes this school’s prominence in achievements. My learning experience at NDCI was truly an unforgettable one. I will definitely be back.” Nora Vincente, HHA

“Ms. Grace is a very fun teacher and her techniques in learning are very effective. I’m happy to have her as my teacher. I’m going to miss the class and Ms. Grace. Christian Talam

“To all staff of Nurses Development Center Inc., thanks a lot for everything!!! You’re the best and God bless.” Rose Javosillo and Jessem N.

“I did appreciate every aspect of the lecture. They were very comprehensive. I will be very glad to introduce a friend or a co-worker here for further studies.” Johnson Emell, Pharm

“I am very happy with the NCLEX-PN review, it was awesome to work with the instructor. Thank you for all the time to teach us at this class.” Angelica Palacios, Pharm

“This class has helped me keep on track with studying. It also showed me how much more I have to study outside class. The teacher (Charlie) kept us interested and made class fun. He gave us a lecture when he knew we were not studying enough, which is what we need sometimes. He is very knowledgeable. If he did not know something, he would learn it and come to class the next week with an answer. Thanks for everything!” Anon, Pharm

“I enjoyed the class. The teacher (Charlie) is so good, sweet, and helpful.” Ayida Chidi, Pharm

“This course helped me remember things I already know and introduced new subjects too. Overall, it is a fun class. The teacher (Charlie) is the best!” Senkie Fenkie, Pharm

“Excellent teaching!” Anon, Pharm

“The class is interesting. I learned a lot and understood how to answer to questions” Josephine Anunkor, Pharm

“This class was very informative and enjoyable. We had direct to the point and interactive discussions. Test-taking helped test students’ knowledge, especially if it’s not an open-book exam. I like how the instructor teaches the crucial part of test-taking strategies and the information we need to know. We love the teacher (Charlie).” Anon, Pharm

“Since I only have hospital experience, this class is a must! The teacher (Charlie) is funny and taught the class very well. Great job! Thank you!” Rocio Acevedo, Pharm

“Thank you for all the hard work you (Arminda) do in the classroom with us. I did have my state board exam on 12/17/08 and passed it.” Josie Sabrino, Pharm

“Great Instructor!” (Gorden Farinas) Veronica Lopez, Pharm

“Keep it up!” Charmae Acosta, Pharm

“We are so satisfied with the class. I am always looking forward every time!” Rosenda R. Geotina, Pharm

“Excellente!” Elizabeth Rodriguez, Pharm

“Thanks for teaching me and making me learn, interesting and not boring. I appreciate the way I was pushed to do my best in Pharmacology. You are the best.” Angie, Pharm

We learned a lot and understood the way the topics were explained.” Rex R. Magsambol II, Pharm

“The handouts that we used were well explained and easy to understand.” Carlito Villaflor, Pharm

“Excellent class.” Haydee Vega, Pharm

“This course improved my knowledge about Pharmacology. I learned a lot in this course.” Florivina Vieyra, Pharm

“This was a very interesting class. Irene’s hand-outs and PowerPoint presentations helped me to better understand the lessons. She was a very good facilitator. She gave us some examples and explained well enough for us to learn.” Anon, Pharm

“Mrs. Irene is very interesting with the way she explained the lessons. She always had an answer on the things we don’t understand. I liked her method of teaching because she gives us hand-outs and PowerPoint presentations. Pharmacology is a difficult subject to learn, but Irene’s efforts and motivation helped a lot. She made the class easier to understand. Thank you and more power to the next classes.” Anon, Pharm

“I am so blessed to have a teacher like Ms. Irene. Thank God for this class. Excellent!” Alina Constantin, Pharm

“I learned a lot in the Pharmacology class. I met new people and had a good time.” Ursula Kodua, Pharm

“We had a great instructor (Irene). Each of the classes we had was very interesting. I am motivated in continuing my education and I learn something important every day.” Luisa Azcunaga, Pharm

“Thanks to Ms. Irene for giving us weekly exams. I learned a lot. She is nice and understanding.” Anon, Pharm

“This is an excellent class. I will recommend this program to others. Irene is a great instructor. I learned a lot and it was nice to have known her.” Ofelia Francisco, Pharm

“I felt comfortable in class, and was at ease to ask questions. My instructor (Irene) was great. She was very helpful and I learned a lot from her. I hope to have her again for another class.” Anon, Pharm

“It is a great school. It is close to the freeway, and is easy to find. The instructor (Irene) is excellent!” Rey Chua, Pharm

“I really had fun taking the Pharmacology class. I especially enjoyed having Irene as the instructor. She made it very fun and easy to understand. She was very open and understanding to us. I would recommend this school to my friends or anyone.” Meron Mesfin, Pharm

“The pharmacology class is great, especially the instructor (Irene). She is very nice and responsible. I thank this school for giving me a chance to be an LVN.” Anon, Pharm

“I like Ms. Irene’s class. She is a wonderful instructor. I don’t feel tired when I’m in class. I learned a lot from her and had the confidence to study more. Thank you so much! She is very humorous, which makes me not fall asleep. I thank the school for giving me an opportunity to improve on myself. All the staff who work here and my classmates are very friendly.” Anon, Pharm

“This class is helpful for a person who likes to succeed in being an LVN or passing the board. I will recommend NDCI to my friends.” Anon, Pharm

“This class gave me knowledge about drugs (definition, action, side effects, how long it lasts, etc.). Even though the class is over, I will continue reading the textbook. Thank you for this wonderful class and also my teacher!” Anon, Pharm

“The instructor taught us well. The school has good services. I’ll recommend the school to my friends”. Anon, Pharm

“The teacher breaks down work, gives the students time to answer, and helps when needed. Great instructor!” Rikaya Maxwell, Pharm

“I had a wonderful experience not only with the instructor, but also with the staff. Everyone was so helpful. The instructor went beyond my expectations and I learned a lot. It is nice to have a teacher who knows her material in and out. Thank you!” Angela Navarrette, Pharm

“I took the Pharmacy Technician course at NDCI and I learned a lot from the class. The instructor was very informative and he always shares his knowledge to his class. This school is awesome because they have great staff members which are very friendly and helpful.” Olive Gayle Ursua, Pharm

“The teacher is very good and the staff is supportive. NDCI has good services.” Anon, Pharm

“The instructor (Irene) made the class very interesting. She is smart and knows how to apply her knowledge. I learned a lot because she explains very well and is patient. Thank you very much!” Hector Rangel, Pharm

“Love it, recommend to any of my friends.”  Antonio Morales, RNA

“Teacher (Guy) was great and answered questions clearly. He was a very respectful instructor. You hired a great instructor!”  Mayra Dominguez, RNA

“I really like this program, excellent!” Ivana Walker, RNA

“Anne is a very pleasant person and great instructor.” Griselda Smith, RNA

“Excellent” Jelly T. Armstrong, RNA

“Very friendly and knowledgeable.” Eugenia Luvizaro, RNA

“Excellent!” Zhiling Wu, RNA

“Ms. Anne is a good, very informative teacher.” Lilia P. Valerio January 2015, RNA

“Excellent!” Horace Danan, RNA

“The instructor is a very good teacher and I recommend the school to my friends.” Zobeida Mendez, RNA

“I enjoyed taking the class. Ms. Rivera was a very good instructor and I will recommend this class to my friends. I will come back to these classes. Nicanora Conde, RNA

“Excellent teacher, I recommend the school.” Ana Maribel Razo, RNA